Wearable bio devices

shirtSince some years telemonitoring and telemedicine are considered promising sectors to reduce health costs through the use of remotely controlled biomedical devices, but their turnover is not relevant in the health budget.

About the complexity of telemonitoring systems, one of the most interesting and in-progress international research topic in biomedical technologies is about smart textiles, i.e. sensorized fabric for different applications, for example wearable computing and non-obtrusive telemonitoring.

On this application the Sensibilab - Politecnico di Milano has activated a research program that has already developed an important level of know-how both about Body Sensor Network - e.g. miniaturized electronic boards for distributed sensorized platforms and/or integrated in textile (see photo) with wireless (or not) connection to a body gateway- and about smart textiles integrating conductive fibers structured as sensors network directly in the wearable garment, e.g. a common T-shirt.


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